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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I benefit from this program?
    • Flexibility: Our Montessori distance education programs are designed for people with busy lives. You are not committed to preset class times, or required to perform unnecessary “busy work.” Almost all of our students continue to work full-time while they acquire their Montessori teaching diploma. Our students can successfully complete their diploma program with one hour study time per day, five days per week. Affordability: If you have researched other, Montessori Training Centers, you have already discovered that our quality and prices are unparalleled in the Montessori training industry.

      Quality: Our Montessori teacher training program is very user-friendly and visually attractive. The courseware contains both the theory and the practical Montessori tools are introduced in illustrations and its presentations explained in detail. Manuals are also discussed in detail.

      Success: International Montessori Teachers Training Institute, (IMTTI), Students after completing the course are well placed in reputed schools

      Demand: Parents today insist that their children’s, childcare environments provide positive, simulative education as part of a balanced program. That is why Montessori-trained educators are in high demand worldwide. Our programs are recognized by Montessori schools everywhere, which are seeking well trained, professional Montessori educators. We have graduates from over fifty countries worldwide.

  • How long does it take to complete the program?
    • The maximum duration permitted to do the course is one year.

  • How much study time do I need to devote to this program?
    • If you can devote one hour a day, five days a week to our program, you can complete it comfortably within our outlined schedule. Do I need to complete the course within an allotted time frame? Yes. You have up to 12 months to complete the course.

  • Do I need to train at a Montessori school to complete my certification?
    • No. This is not a compulsory requirement, however, we do highly recommend that you seek an internship, assistant, or volunteer position in a Montessori classroom setting while participating in the IMTTI, Montessori teacher training program. This allows you to experience and put into immediate practice your written training. The vast majority of our students are already working in a Montessori environment. As such, their current responsibilities far exceed that of a student teacher. We do not feel it is necessary to require an internship from people currently employed in a Montessori environment. However, persons not familiar to the Montessori environment are recommended to undergo training with a Montessori House of Children, for at least one month. This can be done at a Montessori house near your neighborhood. You can be provided an introduction letter from IMTTI to be given to the Directress of the Montessori House, where you wish to undergo training. At the end of your training, you should submit an internship report to IMTTI.

  • Since I would like to secure employment by a certain date, will you allow me to complete the course in 2 months?
    • No. This course may be comfortably completed within 6 to 9 months, if proceeding at a consistent pace. Rushing you through the course would be jeopardizing the quality of the program. You are required to spend a minimum of three months to study the course. For your benefit, and the benefit of children, we will not compromise our standards of excellence.

  • What if I can’t complete my assignments by the required date?
    • All centers of higher learning have schedules that must be adhered to. Your personal tutor will consider extensions on an individual basis for students under extreme distress.

  • How many instructors will be evaluating my assignments?
    • You will be assigned one primary evaluator and one co-evaluator. Your personal tutor will be the primary evaluator. This provides consistency, a balanced perspective, and allows you to establish a personal rapport. Your personal tutor will commit to your success by offering guidance and encouragement.

  • How do I know if your graduates are satisfied with this Training Centre?
    • Our mandate is to provide professional, cost-effective Montessori training. If student satisfaction is a credible gauge of how well we are doing, we are delighted! Please see the student testimonials pages to know what our past students say about our programs.

  • Do we feel classroom experience is important?
    • We definitely feel that in order for a prospective teacher to be taken seriously, classroom experience is a necessary component to compliment our program. For students lacking Montessori classroom experience, we generally suggest that after they have completed approximately two thirds of our program, it is time to approach a local school(s) and offer your services as a volunteer teacher. This will provide them with valuable and credible practical experience as well as important contacts.

  • How many graduates successfully acquire employment?
    • Like graduates from all Montessori training centers, our graduates are very successful in securing employment. More than 95% of our students are already working in schools and are sponsored by the schools they work with.

  • Am I able to teach with just this diploma?
    • It depends on where you live. The answer is yes in some areas, and no in others. It could also depend on whether you want to start off working as the teacher responsible for the classroom, or as a classroom assistant. Private schools are almost always much more flexible with their teacher’s educational requirements.

  • Is your diploma recognized internationally?
    • Yes. Like all Montessori Diplomas, ours is valid internationally. In fact, our students come from over fifty countries worldwide. Like a growing number of Montessori Training Centers, we are independent. Being independent provides us with the freedom to offer the highest quality program possible, without interference. To affiliate ourselves with any of the older, more orthodox organizations would require us to make program compromises, which we will not consider.

  • Who are we registered, affiliated or accredited with?
    • This is the only one and first school in India to be recognized by International Montessori Society (IMS) – USA,


      IMTTI is an autonomous institution. How does your course differ from the courses offered by AMI, AMS, and MACTE? AMI and AMS do not offer distance education. The Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) has extensively debated the distance education issue. At present, MACTE is still declining to accredit distance education programs. There is no denying that AMI and AMS offer quality training. However, the time commitment and cost often places them beyond what many people are prepared to handle. Our program is a very professional, manageable and cost-effective alternative.

      AMERICAN MONTESSORI SOCIETY (AMS): AMS schools routinely employ teachers with non-AMS diplomas. Graduates from our training program may apply for general AMS membership by sending a copy of their diploma with the application for membership. AMS training programs require that students spend a minimum of 600 hours in the classroom with the AMS instructor.

      ASSOCIATION MONTESSORI INTERNATIONALE (AMI): If you want an AMI diploma, you can only receive it by full-time attendance at an AMI training centre. There are thousands of Montessori schools around the world. There are only a hand full schools that are AMI-accredited. The few schools that are AMI-accredited may not employ you. The vast majority of schools hire candidates who have been trained outside the AMI realm and may, out of principle, not wish to consider AMI-trained candidates for employment. Employers are looking for Montessori teachers with sound knowledge of the Montessori methods and familiar with the Montessori tools and their uses. As far as the employers are concerned the source of the Montessori certification is immaterial. We know that our program offers you a very positive alternative for acquiring your Montessori training and diploma, if you cannot afford either the cost of their tuition, or the necessary time required to attend and complete one of their programs. The director of a Montessori school informed me that they would hire only graduates from their own training background. Is this the norm? It does happen, but it is not the norm. Any Montessori school or organization claiming exclusivity is, unfortunately, out of harmony with the Montessori community at large. Our code of ethics encourages our graduates to respect and support any organization that advocates the true principles of Montessori education.

  • What is an average salary I can expect to earn?
    • This is a question that is simply not possible for us to answer. Salaries differ across the globe, and even vary considerably within communities. The best solution is to ask someone you know. If this is not possible, consider telephoning a few local schools. Explain to the person you are speaking with that you are considering training to become a Montessori teacher and you are wondering what an average salary might be. Emphasize that you are not inquiring about their school’s salary schedule, but, rather, a community average.

  • How can I contact you?